Monday, January 4, 2021

Transparent Displays - The New Public 'Window'


image provided by LG.COM

We just learned of the new transparent OLED (flat panel) displays that are being introduced by the LG corporation at the 2021 ConsumerElectronics Show.  While this article projects that these displays would be used at restaurants or subway stations, I think they would be the perfect court clerk/registrar "window".  We explain…


First, this transparent display creates a safety partition barrier separating the public person from the court staff. And, in case you are concerned that the panel could be damaged one could place a layer of Lexan polycarbonate ( front of it?  (For more on this, here is a fun video showing a sledgehammer and ax versus Lexan)  ) 

Second, they allow the court staff to display/review information such as the document, receipt, and data to the visitor while being able to maintain eye contact.

Third, it could allow the person to enter data again while the clerk/registrar monitors the interaction again without breaking eye contact. The picture from LG above shows a separate touch screen area for this interaction.  And this touch screen could be treated with an anti-microbial coating or even better, use speech recognition.

CES is always interesting to see where technology is heading, even if it isn't affordable now.



  1. Why not perform the transaction offsite with a user supplied devise?

  2. Steve, thank you for your note. We must provide services for both the technology "haves" and the "have-nots". In-person services will not be eliminated for many court transactions especially when face-to-face negotiations, counseling, and detention are used by the courts.