Monday, November 20, 2017

Oregon eCourt: A Technology and Business Success Story

Brookings, Oregon from:

While researching last week’s article on E-filing implementation statistics I ran across the 2016 Annual Report of the Oregon Judicial Branch titled: Focus on Technology.  It was a great surprise to find sixteen pages were devoted to a detailed report of their eCourt project with the following section headings:

  • Project background and approach
  • Developing user buy-in
  • The project’s guiding principles
  • How they conducted planning, law, and policy workshops
  • Vendor selection and contracting
  • Work with the legislature
  • External stakeholder buy-in
  • User project participation and training
  • Integrations and implementation
  • Implementation of lessons learned from the courts
  • What “worked well” to make the Oregon eCourt project a success
  • Current benefits from the Oregon eCourt System
  • Public access and statewide mandatory eFiling
  • Going forward – Continuing development

I believe that this report should be mandatory reading for all court technologists.  Congratulations and well done Oregon Judicial Branch.

It is available for download in PDF here.