Friday, December 11, 2009

NCSC and HHS Collaborate on NIEM Messages

The November, 2009 NIEM Newsletter contains an article on the joint NCSC and US Department of Health and Human services development of data exchange templates for:
  • Juvenile Petition
  • Adjudication Order
  • Service Plan
  • Court Report
The article notes that:

A field test in Vermont has revealed that the template can accommodate an overwhelming percentage of use cases without modification.

More E-Reader News and Reviews

Because judges in particular spend inordinate amount of their time reading, we are following developments for E-Readers.  First, a couple of new tech readers/pads are being released.  The first example is the new Barnes and Noble “Nook” reader. Reviews have been posted first at and later at

A second recent announcement regards the device formerly known as the CrunchPad.  It has been renamed the JooJoo magic.  Here is an article about the announcement with some pictures.  (1/11 note: this device ultimately did not enter the market)

And finally, an October, 2009 run-down of the various e-Reader options by can be found at:

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