Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Jersey Remote Court Instructions


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This past weekend I read an article in our local newspaper regarding problems some courts were having dealing with the backlog of housing/landlord-tenant cases due to the pandemic.  I was somewhat surprised to read that all their hearings were still being done in-person.  Why?  I do not know. But for those courts who may not be able to develop their own procedures, I suggest that you take a look at the New Jersey Courts “Instructions for Participants in RemoteCourt Events”?  Surely these would be helpful for many court and chambers hearings?


The web page has the following topics covered:

  • How to Prepare for a Remote Court Hearing (Video)
  • How to Join and Participate in a Zoom Virtual Courtroom 
  • How to Join a Teams Meeting through the Teams Client
  • How to Join and Participate in a Scopia Virtual Courtroom
  •  How to Watch a Live Virtual Courtroom First Appearance Broadcast
  • SCOPIA - System requirements

I had never heard of Scopia, so here is their product web page:

In addition, an article on posted on May 19, 2020, provides additional context for these procedures.  N.J. courts switched to virtual hearings due to coronavirus closures. Jury trial backlogs, permanent changes could be coming.

Thank you to the New Jersey Courts for sharing your information.



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