Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Request for Proposal: AOC-Sponsored Statewide eFiling System


The Nevada Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), a judicial branch department that assists the Supreme Court of Nevada with the administration of the Nevada courts, invites submissions of offers for systems and services for a statewide cloud‐based, COTS electronic filing system, a document access system, a redaction component, and a forms assembly solution (“eFiling system” or “Solution”). (Master Services Agreement to follow later)

Webinar: Tales from the cyber-frontlines: Lessons from lived experiences


This webinar is set for Monday, February 28 - 3–4 p.m. EST

Did you know that the average cost of recovery from a cybersecurity incident is close to $4 million? If your court has security staff and a magnetometer— but doesn’t have a cybersecurity incident response team—our Cyber Monday webinar series is for you!

Join leaders from the Joint Technology Committee (JTC) for its first Cyber Monday webinar series on Feb. 28. You'll learn about CCJ/COSCA's recently adopted resolution and concrete action steps to address cybersecurity risks. You'll also hear how court leaders in Texas and Alaska dealt with their own cyberattacks.