Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Leveraging the Court Component Model to Connect Business and Technology

Our friends with the IJIS Institute Courts Advisory Committee have developed a web-based tool to help court practitioners find information about technology vendors and products that align with the Court Component Model.  Jenny Bunch of ImageSoft shared the following write-up on behalf of the IJIS Courts Advisory Committee . . . 

ICAC’s new free directory service at

While Google works well for casting a wide net, sometimes what you really need is a sieve. Enter the Court Technology Provider Directory or “Court Tech Directory” – a simple, easy-to-use web tool that enables court professionals and technology solution providers to connect the dots between business needs and technology offerings.

Benefits for courts

On the Court Tech Directory’s website (, courts simply select the desired business capabilities and search to find matching applications as indicated by industry solution providers.  Hovering over a capability brings up its applicable definition. This is so a user can confirm right away what is covered and what is not when making a selection.

Want a list of products for further consideration? Select the ones you want from the search results and request a file download, or bulk-email the providers of all products you selected, right from the search results.

The Court Tech Directory is a free service to the court community.  It helps courts cut through the marketing and corporate lingo and get to the heart of the available solutions for their specific business challenges; all in one place.

Benefits for solution providers

Receive leads directly from the service, via emails that users trigger one by one, or via bulk-emails from users who are shortlisting just the products they are interested in.

Solution providers may increase visibility for and access to their offerings by creating and maintaining their listings on the service. Rather than having their products and services lumped into a generic bucket of case management, providers have a searchable channel to show which specific business needs their offerings address. This service is provided without charge to solution providers. 

Forging the new path

The technology components used in the directory are the same as those laid out by the Joint Technology Committee’s (JTC) Resource Bulletin titled Introduction to the Next-Generation Court Technology Standards Application Component Model.  The Court Component Model introduced last year by the Joint Technology Committee (JTC) of COSCA, NACM and NCSC looks to define a new way forward in developing, acquiring and implementing technology in the courts.


The Court Tech Directory is curated by the IJIS Courts Advisory Committee (ICAC) to promote the clarity and integrity of the information in the directory. The ICAC reviews solution provider submissions and requests clarification regarding the product information submitted before it is publicly available on the directory.

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