Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stand Up for your Health

In the past year I have been using a reminder app to stand up and stretch once an hour.  It has helped me to feel better, especially in my neck and upper back area.  We discuss the application I use and some options below.


It is clear that sitting all day is not healthy for the human body.  After all, our ancestors farmed or hunted in order to survive.  And let’s just agree that it is hard to hoe weeds sitting down.
There have been many studies that are warning about being sedentary at work.  Just this week a new study from the Netherlands reported a 22% increased odds for type 2 diabetes.  And other studies of long sitting airline passengers warn of Deep Vein Thrombosis or blood clots forming in a person's legs from lack of movement.

Over the past year I have been using the “StretchClock” plugin for the Firefox browser at my desk.  It reminds me to stand and perform the randomly selected stretching exercise at least once an hour.  I like this service because they provide a number of different stretch videos to follow and do each day.  For most of the past year have I used their free service.  But recently I paid their subscription fee for the additional content.  Anyway, it is free to try.

Now this isn’t the only service that does this on the Internet as you can imagine.  Once there is a good idea there are many others that follow (not saying that StretchClock was the first mind you).

Some others I found in a quick search were:

I am sure there are others.  Please share any that you use, or your experiences in the comments below.


*The image above is of the brilliantly designed Swiss railway clock that was introduced in 1944 courtesy of Wikipedia at:

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