Thursday, August 29, 2013

All-in-one PC's Get Better

A quick roundup of our favorite solution for the judge's courtroom bench computer.


A "laid-back" Lenovo 27-inch system 
We (and others) like the idea of using the touch enabled All-in-one computer on the judicial bench because it can be adjusted to a low angle removing it from the sightlines.  The good news is that these systems are getting larger and higher density screens.

First, we have a review of the Dell XPS 27-inch system at the Hot Hardware website.

Second, a review of Lenovo's 27-inch solution at Toms Hardware website.  A commenter noted that the stand has a strong spring that allows to the system to be angled nearly flat and hold the position.

And third, a "round-up" of All-in-one system reviews is provided by PC Magazine.

The Dell and the Vizio 27-inch system receive their "Editor's Choice" designation.  However the Visio monitor stand does not look like it can support the low angle position that the bench requires.

If you have any suggestions or experience with the systems please feel free to share via the comments section below.

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