Friday, September 14, 2012

All-in-One Desktop PC’s and Virtualization in the Courtroom

Articles on All-in-One computers often used as part of the judge’s electronic bench and virtual desktop software in the courtroom are discussed.

On September 13, 2012 PC Magazine posted two articles that should be of interest to courts planning on providing touch screen systems for their courtrooms.  The first article, How to Buy and All-in-One Desktop PC discusses the options that are available in this computer form factor.  And the second article, The Best All-in-One PCs provides readers with their evaluations of the manufacturer’s current offerings.

And earlier in the week we learned about the VMware View application that could be used by judges and courtroom teams to link to a common virtual desktop.  For example, the judge could prepare for courtroom on the computer in their chambers and then move to the courtroom (All-in-One?) and connect to the same exact desktop.

Another common scenario is when the judge wants the clerk to “drive” the information displayed on their computer.  In that instance, software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer 7 could be used.


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