Monday, September 20, 2021

Thoughts on Notes

As has happened many times in the past I was prompted by the most recent NCSC Tiny Chat on the Hawai’i Online Dispute Resolution system that preparing notes on one’s legal issue in dispute could be useful?  That got me to look at what web-based notes applications are available? There are a lot!


Let me explain.  It would be good for anyone using an online dispute resolution (ODR) system or even appearing in court to prepare their fact and law arguments.  Many courts are allowing mobile phones to be brought into the courtroom so that photo, document, and social media evidence can be presented to the court. 

Now wouldn’t it be helpful if we can provide some information about note apps that could help?  Perhaps the local bar can provide a template or outline for the note app to guide the users?

While I personally use Notepad ++ on my laptop to capture thoughts, links, and to clean the formatting from items copied from the web, it would be good to have that info online to not be limited by the type of device I am using?  And a thought, one might want to consider integrating the note-taking capability into ODR, E-forms, and E-filing applications. 

So here goes… my imperfect list of unreviewed note apps available on the Internet:

And last, the classic… Evernote:

I hope these apps get your creative juices moving.

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