Thursday, February 11, 2021

Zoom Web Conference Filter Opportunity?


Most of our readers have seen the Zoom filer mishap online video known as “I’m not a cat”.  The story even made the news in Germany and late-night TV shows.  First, I want to congratulate the Judge for handling the problem, but I have a different view of how we can learn from this?



Early last year I wrote a CTB post, “Protecting Judges with Avatars”.  The back story is that over the years I have learned that the personal identity of the judge can result in their death.  For example, I had a friend at our local law school who had been a judge in a South American country and escaped death by only a few hours leaving the country. Some of their colleagues were not as lucky.  Court security, the police, and national defense forces were not able to protect them.

Video/web conferencing was always a possible solution as it allows for physical distance between the court/prison location and the judge.   Web conferencing also allows for random judge assignments from courts around the nation to hear the case.   But in these extreme situations, national gangs can reach judges no matter where they are located. Therefore, identity protection is key.

Now I am not suggesting that a judge’s image be changed into a cat.  There is another interesting alternative. 

Last year, Snapchat announced a filter that can change a person's image by switching their gender.  Thus, a male image becomes female and vis-versa.  This article provides multiple entertaining examples of how this filter worked for the actors in Marvel Comic Universe movies, including a bearded "Thor".  What I particularly like is that it changes the shape of a person’s head when their gender changes.  And one can also see that the judges wearing robes additionally helps to conceal their gender identity. 

Here is a PC magazine article that explains how it can be done.

Please let me know if this has been tried in a court or legal proceeding in the comment box below?  I am sure everyone will find it interesting.

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