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2019 State Court E-Filing Program Status List

We compiled the following list of court E-filing program links in August 2019.  This is an update to the list we created in 2016.  We found information for every state and territory except Oklahoma and American Samoa.  Congratulations to all the courts for their
hard work.


E-Filing Information
Alabama AlaFile is a web-based application designed to allow registered users to file and receive service copies of court documents electronically. It is implemented statewide
Quick links for Appellate and Trial Courts E-Filing plus rules are available at:
AlaFile is implemented statewide ( )
Quick links for Appellate and Trial Courts E-Filing plus rules is available at:
Alaska Alaska is in the process of deploying “TrueFiling” for filing and service documents electronically.
TrueFiling will be available on May 8, 2019. As of August, 2019 the following locations are implemented: Homer, Kenai, Seward, Sand Point
St. Paul Island. And the following Case Types are offered: Criminal (Felony and Misdemeanor), Traffic and Other Minor Offenses, Minor Consuming under AS 04.16.049(h), AS 04.16.050(a), or similar municipal ordinance, Underage Consuming under AS 28.35.280, AS 28.35.285(d)(1-2), AS 28.290(b)(1-3), or similar municipal ordinance.
The Arizona Judicial Branch continues to enhance and expand electronic filing and now offers the ability to efile civil court documents in all counties throughout the state.
eFileAZ offers efiling in the following courts and case types:
Superior Courts - General Civil: All counties
Superior Court - Tax: Maricopa County
*Please note that case initiation filings are not available in Maricopa County
AZTurboCourt offers efiling in the following courts and case types:
Supreme Courts - Arizona Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, Division One
Superior Courts - General Civil: All counties
Superior Courts - Tax: Maricopa County
Superior Courts - Process Server: Maricopa and Pima Counties
*Please note that case initiation filings are not available in Maricopa County
Arkansas The eFile project web page is: .
E-filing is mandatory in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals since 2017 and is implemented and mandatory in 21 Circuit Courts (and 1 more in 2020) and three District Courts (plus 1 more in 2020). The state uses the eFlex system that requires registration, training completion and a $100 registration fee.
California Individual courts have E-filing installed in California. We have identified the following courts: Supreme Court ( ), 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6 th District Court of Appeals, LA (small claims), San Diego Superior Court ( ) San Francisco ( ), Sacramento ( , San Bernardino ( ) and 1st, 2nd, and 4th District Court of Appeals.

Tyler Odyssey e-FileCA ( ) lists the following Superior Courts: Alameda, Butte, Calaveras, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Merced, Monterey, Napa, Orange, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, and Yuba.
What is surprising is the number of Superior Courts who do not offer e-filing per this page from One Legal:
Colorado A statewide AOC built system called ICCES was implemented in 2012. Completed rolling out Criminal Case E-filing in 2017. The project web site is:
There is an update for a “Pro Se E-Filing Pilot for Family Cases starting April 15, 2019.
Connecticut AOC built E-filing for civil cases. Their E-Services website is: Effective January 1, 2016 they have made E-Filing mandatory for all non-exempt attorneys in their Appellate Courts. And they allow self-represented to E-file Civil, Family, Housing, and Small Claims cases. And in 2017 they have implemented an "E-Services Inbox" for their participants. A slide show on this is available at:
They have also posted an E-Filing Procedures and Technical Standards document at:
Delaware Delaware eFLEX system is used for the Justice of the Peace Court. CaseFileXpress is used in the Supreme Court, Court of Chancery, and Superior Court. File & Serve Delaware is used for the Court of Common Pleas. The E-filing project web page with links to all three services is available at:
Florida Florida Court Clerks Statewide E-filing system portal website is at: This system has connectivity to all 67 trial courts, 5 District Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court
The Florida Courts E—Filing Authority is governed by a nine—member Board of Directors consisting of eight Clerks of the Circuit Court and the Clerk
of the Supreme Court, which serves as the Chief Justice’s designee on behalf of the state and appellate courts. The Board is responsible for leading
the public agency tasked with providing a statewide access point for the electronic access and transmission of court records to and from the courts.
The certified Third Party Vendor list is at:
Georgia The Georgia Superior Court Clerk's Cooperative Authority has implemented a statewide portal project at: A list of participating counties and the services offered is located there.

Additional E-filing services are provided at the Odyssey eFileGA service. Information is available at:

and a list of active courts is available at:
There is also Peachcourt that provides eFiling and document access services. Their website is:
Hawaii JEFS (Judiciary Electronic Filing and Service System) The system web page with training and full details is at:
The Hawaii Supreme Court and the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals started taking electronic filings as of September 27, 2010. The Hawaii State District Courts started electronic filings on criminal cases as of August 13, 2012. And the Hawaii State Circuit Court and Family (Adult) Courts started taking electronic filings on criminal cases as of January 23, 2017.
Idaho This is part of the iCourt project. The E-filing page is located at All courts have E-filing services.
There is an excellent e-Filing FAQ web page for the project at:
Illinois Illinois Supreme Court approved E-filing standards in October, 2012 and subsequently created an E-filing portal. Effective January 1, 2018, civil e-filing in courts became mandatory, with eFileILportal.along with the previously implemented in the Supreme Court, Appellate Court, and 93 Trial Courts
The eFileIL project web page with more detailed information is available at:
Indiana E-filing website is located at: The web page reports that E-filing is available in nearly every Indiana county. They have also created an excellent “How it works” web page for the program at:
Iowa According to their eFiling web page: ,as of June 30, 2015 every county district court is accepting electronic filing for all matters. Links to eFile instructions, guides & resources, help and more is available from this web page. They use the eFlex system from Tybera.
Kansas Kansas tracks e-filing implementation on this web page: They use Tybera eFlex for the portal technology. As stated on that page: " Beginning June 25, 2018, all Kansas-licensed attorneys permitted to practice law under Rule 208(a) must electronically file documents in all case types in all state courts.” The court orders, rules, registration, training, support, filing fees and more are listed on the page.
Kentucky As of November 18, 2015, eFiling is available in all 120 counties in the state. The project was initiated in December, 2013. The project web page including implementation timeline and training is at:
Louisiana Louisiana has a small e-filing Tyler Technologies based portal at: that serves Lafayette, St. Tammany, and Union parishes
Additional E-Filing systems are also implemented in the following courts:
• Louisiana Supreme Court ( )
• Court of Appeal – First Circuit ( )
• Court of Appeal – Fourth Circuit ( )
• Court of Appeal – Fifth Circuit ( )
• Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court ( )
• DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court ( )

Maine Maine eCourts web page with access to Guide & File for Traffic violations along with court fine payment via the Odyssey Portal is at:
The web page states: The new Odyssey Courts system is being implemented in phases. Penobscot and Piscataquis County courts will begin to offer e-filing in 2020 with other regions to follow.
Maine Probate Court also has implemented EZ-File E-filing at ( )

Maryland E-filing is being implemented as part of the Tyler Odyssey / Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) program. The E-filing website is located at:
They have posted “The Maryland Judiciary’s Vision of the Future graphic at:
Massachusetts efileMA, a File &Serve system web page is located at: There is a list of courts accepting E-filing at:
Appellate Court E-filing rules and user guides are located at:
Michigan The Statewide MiFILE "E-filng Initiative" web page is located at:
Minnesota Started statewide E-filing roll-out in 2012.
Supreme Court and Appellate Court eFiling information is located in a tab at:

The District (Trial) Court eFile and eServe web page is:
Mississippi E-filing is being implemented as part of the Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) project. The project web page is located at: This page shows which courts have issued orders allowing for voluntary E-filing and some who have orders for mandatory E-filing.

The project’s newsletter linked from the page above – Mississippi Electronic Courts Attorney Tip Sheet shows that 25 counties have implemented E-filing in both Chancery & Circuit Courts, And, 36 counties have implemented it in Chancery Courts as of August 2019.
Missouri Statewide E-filing implementation is complete. The schedule web page is: All courts were implemented by the end June, 2016. Rules, training, a FAQ and more are available on this page.
Montana State E-Filing web page is:
has been completed for the Supreme Court and is continuing in the District Courts.
The March 2019 newsletter shows their implementation progress and plan.
And they posted their 2019 IT Strategic Plan document here:
Nebraska Statewide implementation available for all case types once they have been created in the JUSTICE or SCCALES case management systems. The Court’s E-Services web page is located at:
Nevada E-Filing is available at:
Nevada Supreme Court ( Tybera eFlex system)
FAQ ( )

Eighth Judicial District Court, Sparks Justice Court, Reno Justice Civil Division, Las Vegas Justice Court are serviced at the Tyler File & Serve eFileNV website:

New Hampshire Project website: New Hampshire uses the TurboCourt e-filing system.
New Jersey Statewide New Jersey consolidated eCourts project website is located at:
“eCourts is a web based application that is designed to allow attorneys, in good standing, to electronically file documents with the courts. The Judiciary's plans for full implementation of eCourts in all trial court divisions are underway. There are links for eCourts Criminal, Appellate, Civil, and Tax Courts.
New Mexico E-filing services page for their statewide implementation using Tyler File & Serve is located at:
New York New York Courts E-filing (NYSCEF) implemented in a number of courts. See:

The courts and case types authorized to receive e-filing is available at:
Unrepresented Litigants can e-file using this web page:
North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Electronic Filing website is located at:

Trial Courts for Civil Cases E-filing system website is: and is limited to Alamance, Chowan, Davidson and Wake counties.

North Carolina Business Court:
North Dakota E-Filing for the Supreme Court is: and the portal address is:
E-filing Portal for District Courts is:
And Tyler’s host site is:
Ohio Supreme Court e-Filing website is:

The Ohio Court of Claims uses a Tyler Odyssey portal at:

Trial courts with E-filing include Erie, Franklin, Lucas, Montgomery, Cuyahoga, Stark, Summit, Hamilton, and Wayne counties as well as Cleveland Municipal Court and Gallipolis Municipal Court that uses the Henschen & Assoc eFiling service.
Oklahoma Unknown
Oregon The OJD eFile E-filing web page is at: All counties and courts have implemented.
Pennsylvania E-filing is available at all three appellate courts and will be unified via the PACFile website: ,
Allegheny County
Bucks County Prothonotary:
Chester County Prothonotary:
Delaware County:
Luzerne County:
Montgomery County:
Philadelphia (1st Judicial District) courts ( )
Rhode Island The statewide E-filing page is:
South Carolina The statewide E-filing portal is: with a link to the Tybera eFlex system at: All Common Pleas courts are live on the system.
South Dakota E-filing for the state courts is offered via the Tyler Odyssey e-filing system at:
Tennessee Appellate Court: (TrueCourt)
Davidson County Circuit Court:
Davidson County Chancery Court via eFileTN by Tyler Odyssey at:
Shelby County - /
Texas In December 2012, the Texas Supreme Court mandated e-filing in civil matters. Today, all 254 Texas counties, the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals and the 14 Courts of Appeal use e-filing. Out of 254 counties, 62 are mandatory meaning attorneys are no longer able to file paper documents at the clerk's counter. E-filing in all other counties will become mandatory on a graduated schedule through July 1, 2016.

The list of service providers is located at: Each EFSP vendor is listed along with their costs and fees on this website.
Utah Supreme Court & Court of Appeals:
eFiling in District and Justice Courts:
eFiling in Juvenile Court:
Vermont The statewide E-filing (eCabinet system) web page is:
Virginia The Virginia Judiciary Electronic Filing System (VJEFS) web page is: VJEFS is now installed in 35 Circuit Courts
Arlington County Clerk of Court has “Project Paperless”. The website is:
Fairfax Circuit Court’s Electronic Filing System:
Wise County has eLegal Case Pro system for e-filing at:
Washington Supreme and Appellate Court’s Portal -
The AOC Electronic Filing Resources web page:
Chelan County:
Clark County:
King County:
Kittitas County:
Pierce County:
Thurston County:
West Virginia The state’s CourtPLUS initiative web page including E-filing is at:
Wisconsin Statewide E-filing implementation web page is at:
Wyoming The Supreme Court’s E-filing web page is at:
District of Columbia DC Superior Court E-Filing: via CaseFileXpress at:
Puerto Rico Electronic Court (Tribunal Electronico)
New Sumac:
U.S. Virgin Islands Their VISCEFS E-filing website is at:
American Samoa Unknown
Northern Mariana Islands E-filing is available via File & Serve Xpress -
Guam Supreme Court eFile Service:
Superior Court eFile Service:

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