Wednesday, January 9, 2019

eCourts 2018 Conference Session Videos Now Available

Roosevelt Sawyer, Chief Information Officer,
Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator

The video recordings for the great eCourts 2018 conference are now available for streaming here.

We are very pleased to be able to share the following list of excellent sessions below.


Our Featured Speaker: Rebooting Justice - University of Tennessee Law Professor Benjamin H. Barton expanded on the ideas in his (and co-author Stephanos Bibas) 2017 book Rebooting Justice. They argue that our laws are too complex and legal advice too expensive. Both are obstacles for the poor and even middle-class Americans to get help and protect their rights.

Rolling Your Own - Florida’s experiences developing software in-house for both digital court reporting and judicial case management.

Incubating Innovation in Alaska and Hawai'i - This session explored the key functionalities of two new statewide justice portals, as well as the rationale behind the curated experience, and the cutting-edge technology strategies that will allow for future nationwide replication.

Online Dispute Resolution (Judge's Report) - Judges from traffic, civil and family courts will discuss their experiences working in jurisdictions where ODR is in use. Watch to learn how ODR is impacting access, timeliness, case quality, or other justice measures.

“Right Sizing” Penalties through Technology - Two projects aim to avert this escalation and develop alternatives to incarceration, by including the assessment of ability-to-pay in the sentencing and penalties phase of a court case

Benefits of the Court Component Model - Systems must also allow for access to data for analysis, measure performance across a number of areas, and allow for the sharing of information with both the public and justice partners. That’s where a “Court Component Model” fits in.

Court Technology in China - The Chief Engineer of the Information Center of the Supreme People’s Court of China, Qiwei Chen, shared innovations in judicial administration in China including the use of artificial intelligence and online business processes.

Robots in Michigan - Ever thought about using a robot greeter at your courthouse? In this session, we learned how robots deliver a variety of solutions in the courthouse setting by using AI.

e-Reminders in Minnesota - Hennepin County District Court in Minneapolis is piloting a new eReminder system to remind litigants of upcoming court appearances by sending texts and emails. In the first 13 months of the pilot, when successfully reminded of an appearance, there was a 30% decrease in failure to appear warrants for defendants.

Blockchain isn’t Bitcoin - Together we found out if Blockchain is the same as Bitcoin. (Spoiler alert: Nope, it is not.)

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