Thursday, March 8, 2018

Court Document Verification in Brazil

The Supreme Court of Brazil

Last week I had the great honor of speaking with a very distinguished group of judges and lawyers from Brazil here at the NCSC. 

While I was preparing for the visit I found an order from one of the Federal Judges.  While reviewing it I found several very interesting ways that they are dealing with the electronic document verification in their courts.


Below is an image of the document (following Google translation).  Here is the link to the original document in Portuguese.  And as you will see the document is well constructed for electronic consumption and for easy reading.

The first section contains the case information includes the case number, Judge (Reporter), Appellant (Recurrent), Lawyer, and a bad automatic translation of “Appeal” (Travel).
The second section contains the ruling outcome summary.

It is the third section that is most interesting.  It contains the law and rule authorizing electronic signature and then the Internet link and reference and codes to allow for electronic verification of the document.  Therefore, the Federal Courts of Brazil have set up a system where the documents can be verified online.  This is important as paper documents, signatures, and rubber stamps are no longer reliable methods ensuring authenticity.

And as readers of the CTB know, I have written about this before in “A CCMS Smart Document Receipt Concept”.  It is great to see an actual system in practice. 

Congratulations to the Brazil Judiciary.

Last, if you know of any similar systems please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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