Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cobb County Georgia Issues Court Tech RFI

Cobb County (“County”) invites qualified technology companies (“Responders”) to submit written information about their ability to provide the modules needed to support countywide court and justice partner operations and case management with the goal of providing better access to justice and improving internal efficiencies.


These modules are:

A.  Public Portal and Electronic Filing (E-Filing) System (for the public, attorneys, self-represented litigants, and all courts: Magistrate Court, State Court, Superior Court, Juvenile Court and Probate Court)

B.  Judicial/ Courtroom Tools (for all judicial officers and staff who support them)

C.  Court/ Clerk CMS for all case types: Criminal, Traffic, Civil, Family, Probate and Juvenile ( for all courts, fitted to their specific needs, including mediation and other programs)

D.  Supervision CMS for Pretrial Court Services (Magistrate Court), Misdemeanor Probation (State Court), Juvenile Probation (Juvenile Court), and Accountability/ Treatment Courts (Magistrate Court), Drug Court, State Court DUI Court, Superior Court Adult Drug Treatment Court, Adult Mental Health Court, Juvenile Court Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment Program (ADAPT), Juvenile Drug Treatment Court, Gang Suppression Program, Family Treatment (Superior Court), Behavioral Court

E.  Prosecutor CMS (for Solicitor General and District Attorney)

F.  Circuit Defender CMS ( for State and Superior Courts)

G.  Jury Management System ( for State and Superior Courts)

H.  Data Exchange/Integration Broker (connecting the above stakeholders with the Sheriff’s Office RMS/JMS and other county and state agencies) 

Cobb County is replacing a multiplicity of legacy modules that support the judiciary/administration and the clerk of each court, and the justice organizations associated with the courts (e.g., pretrial services/ adult and juvenile probation supervision, jury management), and external justice partners. The internal and external entities involved are named and described in Section 4 Background Information Cobb County Judicial Circuit Overview.

The full RFI solicitation (PDF) is available at:

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