Monday, May 15, 2017

JTC releases "Courts Disrupted" paper . . .

The Joint Technology Committee (JTC) has released a new Resource Bulletin titled “Courts Disrupted.” This paper takes a captivating look at today’s fast-changing world of innovation and public expectations. Recognizing courts will not remain untouched by disruptive innovation, the paper encourages embracing rather than resisting the opportunities to improve business processes and make justice more readily available to a wider audience.


From the paper:

“While there is no consensus in the court community on the potential impact to courts (whether they are in danger of “going out of business”), there are compelling reasons for court managers to be aware of and leverage the concept of disruptive innovation. As technology dramatically changes the way routine transactions are handled in other industries, courts can also embrace innovation as one way to enhance the public’s experience. Doing so may help courts “disrupt” themselves, making justice available to a wider audience at a lower cost while preserving fairness, neutrality, and transparency in the judicial process.”

As with disruptors in any context, some of these ideas may be a little uncomfortable to those accustomed to traditional ways of doing business. In the courts, this will be true not only for court managers and judges, but also companies doing business with the courts. So keep an open mind – I think you’ll find it a great read.

The JTC is also planning a webinar on the topic. Date and time will be posted on the JTC Publications and Webinars page as well here on the CTB as soon as it’s scheduled.

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