Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Court Technology eFiling Winter Wonderland

Our mystery holiday songwriter has submitted a new version of the classic "Winter Wonderland" to celebrate the season.  Enjoy!


We’re online, and we’re filing.
Paper briefs? We’re just smiling!
A beautiful sight?
Laptops just right
Working in an eFiled wonderland

Linked up with eViewed dockets
You can see all the pockets
Of court case events
And filing trends,
Working in an eFiled wonderland

In the office or when on vacation
I can stay in touch and be on point.

Am I current on the
latest motions?
Does new case law cause
Me any pause?

When the judge asked this morning
If that witness I’m suborning
I cited the facts
With evidence tracks;
Working in an eFiled wonderland.

In the office or a distant courtroom
Judges, clerks and lawyers work apace.
Information close in our new courtroom
Making it a most exciting place.

As it grows, ain’t it thrilling
Justice gets the top billing
We chase blues away, the efficient way
Working in an eFiled wonderland

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