Wednesday, September 7, 2016

CSI Announces Intellidact LBX™ Machine Learning Technology

I am happy to share a press release from one of our leading court technology vendors this week.  CSI has been working with courts for more than 20 years in support and the development of automated redaction technology.  Their new system provides a powerful way for courts to bridge the gap between paper and electronic data.  Congratulations to our good friends in Orlando for this significant achievement.

The full press release follows below:


Via press release:

Orlando, Florida (August 2016) – Computing System Innovations (CSI), America’s leading provider of intelligent redaction and indexing solutions, announces advanced machine learning technology, Intellidact LBX™, within the Intellidact application suite.

Intellidact’s fourth generation machine learning technology includes both supervised learning and state-of-the-art continuous active learning modes of operation. In supervised learning, users initially select sample sets of documents, and then tag the data items they wish the system to extract or redact. Intellidact LBX then trains on the tagged documents, producing an initial knowledge base used in production processing to locate and extract new occurrences of data. Continuous active learning gathers information from production processing and continuously updates the initial knowledge base, removing stale knowledge and adding new knowledge as appropriate to automatically maintain the system’s high accuracy.

Intellidact LBX empowers customers to easily create structured data from their unstructured documents in an expedited fashion, while still maintaining total possession and control of their documents.

"Intellidact’s machine learning provides our customers the ability to accelerate any workflow that previously required manual document classification, data entry and validation," said Henry Sal, President of CSI. "The ability to place technology into our customers’ hands allowing them to simply point and click on data that is of interest, and then have a machine learn how to find and classify such with high accuracy, will save our customers thousands of hours in manual document processing time."

CSI recognized the alarmingly increasing problem of Identity Theft crimes in the early 2000s. In response, CSI created Intellidact and processed America’s first successful automated redaction project in 2004. Intellidact continues to lead the industry, providing the most cost-effective, high volume, high accuracy solutions with the least amount of manual verification required, and now allows users to simply define what data is of interest to them.

Click here to go to the Intellidact LBX web page.

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