Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Digital Paper E-Ink Device from Sony Surprises

Technology surprises appear every day… even when they are over two years old.  Last week I stumbled across the Sony Digital Paper device at the American Bar Association TechShow in Chicago.  In many ways this is the device in my opinion that many judges have been looking for.


Back in late 2014, Sony Corporation introduced the E-Ink technology based “Digital Reader” device. I had never heard of it let alone seen it before.  The picture below shows a 13.3” (A4 paper size device) that uses a newer version of E-ink panel technology that allows for touch and pen input.  This means that the document is easy to read, the battery life is in weeks of time just like an Amazon Kindle, and notes and comments can be written into the PDF documents.  All this is packaged in a device that weights only a little over 12 ounces.

 Below is a good 2-minute video showing what the device looks like and functionality (although I have to comment that this may be the least expressive video presenter I have ever heard).

And here is a longer video review and demonstration of one of the system updates to give you a more indepth flavor of the device:

I think it is really worth a look at and perhaps testing with your judges. But if any of you have already had experience with this system, I know we would all like to hear about it.  So please comment below.


  1. If anyone's interested, I've written two reviews of the Sony Digital Paper and also several updates. Here's my latest update, which includes links to the earlier reviews:

  2. Thanks Robert! It is great to hear from someone with real world hands on experience. And for our CTB readers, Robert's blog is always on my list as a recommended source.