Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Register for e-Courts 2016 before the end of 2015 for big savings

Special announcement:

Registration for e-Courts 2016 is open, and if you register by December 31 you will receive the Best Bet pricing of $475—a discount greater than 30 percent over our regular on-site registration rate. Remember, e-Courts 2014 was so popular, we had to close registration early and turn away last-minute guests. So, we’ve increased our conference space by returning e-Courts to the Las Vegas Strip. e-Courts 2016 is being held at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. e-Courts 2016 also is bringing a new perspective to tech-y tools for the court staff and designing its education program for all levels of court professionals—administrators, technologists, judges, and information specialists. Don’t miss out. Register NOW!


  1. Las Vegas strip and learning environment, really? Please note one of your stated focus points" All of NCSC's services — research, information services, education, consulting — are focused on helping courts plan, make decisions, and implement improvements that save time and money, while ensuring judicial administration that supports fair and impartial decision-making." Saving money and time???? Interesting the field of technology needs a learning situation in the biggest party town in America, when webinars or online conferencing are available. Which were introduced and implemented by technology as a means for private and public entities to save money.

  2. I appreciate your comment. The time of year that we go to Las Vegas (December) saves on both airfare and hotel costs for our court participants. And it has very easy air access for our international visitors. It is also not the only location in the USA that has “gaming” as it is called since 46 of 53 jurisdictions (including DC and territories) allow for charitable gambling, 38 for horse racing, 46 with lotteries, and 21 with commercial establishments. This does not include Native American establishments.
    Las Vegas and the State of Nevada have one of our best court systems in the nation often leading in innovation and services. We have had nothing but an excellent experience with holding the conference there since 2000.