Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Greetings from the CTB

Our secret tech poet submits another holiday greeting by updating Good King Wenceslas for our CTB readers.


If you have never heard the story of King Wenceslas click here.   Enjoy.

Old King Wenceslas set out
Rules for all the forums,
When lawsuits lay round about,
Complaints? He would ignore ‘em!
Unsightly shewed the rule of law,
To him they were but duels,
When the poor men pled their case,
They got but lumpy gruel.

Quill and page and smudgy ink
Slowed their claims sad telling.
Then the techs began to think,
New thoughts began their gelling.
JEDI didn’t start in film
Underneath a death star.
It began when guys like Jim,
Electrified the bench and bar!

Now we’ve cut the filing time
To a nanosecond.
Pleas, responses, all sublime,
Systems very fecund.
Access has become de jure
You just need to know how.
Precedents are not obscure,
Everyone can find them now.

Sire your plight is darker now,
Court systems are now stronger.
Those who once hid sacred cows
Don’t have them any longer.
Mark the footsteps good, so sage,
From records once held coldly,
Now all can use the public page
From change that came so boldly!

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