Friday, October 23, 2015

This and That in Court Technology – October, 2015

News about CourtHack, a new judge research tool for lawyers, the FBI’s NextGen identification system, online digital record preservation classes, a new high-speed departmental scanner, and just what everyone needs: a “Flux Capacitor” for your car.


CourtHack Rescheduled

It will now be held in March, 2016.  More details to come…

Lex Machina Releases “Motion Kickstarter”

You might want to show this to your favorite judge?

The legal analytics company “Lex Machina” issued a press release on October 20, 2015 describing several new capabilities.  But one should be of particular interest to courts.

“Menlo Park, CA — October 20, 2015 — In a move to accelerate data-driven legal strategies, Lex Machina today introduced Custom Insights Apps™, a new suite of specialized applications that instantly deliver critical litigation information to help attorneys win cases and close business…

The first three Custom Insight Apps, which focus on intellectual property cases, are Early Case Assessor, Motion Kickstarter, and Patent Portfolio Evaluator. Future applications will expand into other practice areas and support other legal functions…

Motion Kickstarter makes it easy to draft winning motions by helping attorneys compare the arguments and motion styles that have been successful before a specific judge. The attorney can enter a judge’s name and motion type and instantly view the judge’s recent orders on that motion type, as well as the briefing that led up to those orders. Lawyers can then compare granted motions with denied motions to see what has worked and what has not in order to create a winning motion strategy or approach.”

The full press release is available here with links.

FBI Next Generation Identification System (Government Computer News) posted an article on October 16, 2015 describing the FBI’s new identification system.

“The FBI has a new system for identifying fingerprints and other biometric data that enhances the ability of federal, state and local law enforcement agents to catch criminals.

In unveiling the Next Generation Identification (NGI) system earlier this year, the FBI demonstrated a set of features that boosts the speed and accuracy of its matching systems by an order of magnitude over the 15-year-old Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

IAFIS, launched in 1999, was designed to handle 64,000 fingerprint-matching transactions daily with an average two-hour response time. In contrast, NGI was built to process 700,000 transactions a day, with a 15-minute turnaround.”

Council of State Archivists Announces Training on “Practical Digital Preservation”

 The joint CoSA/SERI and Preservica training program is designed to enable State Archivists to move beyond the theory of Digital Preservation and gain the practical understanding and vital skills necessary to meet mandate to preserve and provide access to vital long-term State records.

The challenge that is being compounded by the need to acquire a rapidly growing volume of digital records from multiple sources and systems, in a variety of different formats - from digital-only documents, to emails of prominent figures, to AV recordings of local senate, to Geospatial maps, and historical Digitized content.

The program is specifically adapted to State Archive needs and is based on materials used at the well-regarded Preservica training session at the Best Practice Exchange (Fall 2014) as well as the successful (and highly-rated) 6 month Digital Preservation workshop and webinar program that Preservica delivered to over 300 participants in partnership with the UK & Ireland Archives and Records Association (ARA).

Panasonic has a new Departmental High-Speed Document Scanner

Yes, we still have to deal with paper in the courts.  At least a scanner like that minimizes the pain. We learned that the Panasonic KV-S2087 document scanner can hold 200 pages per run and process 85 pages per minute.  The starting list price is $2,495.

Panasonic’s web page with details and specifications is available here.

And last…

Since it is “Back to the Future” week.  Here is a link to a “Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger” that is on sale as of the writing of this post for $12.49.  Fun!

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