Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Data Exchange Working Group Reports Draft Standard

NCSC Principal Court Management Consultant, Dale Kasparek shares work that is ongoing in support of court compliance of CDL disposition reporting via data exchange and more in today’s CTB post


The NCSC has been working for several years with the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in developing “outreach, research, and technology initiatives in the court community to help achieve expectations for safer highways.”    In particular the group has worked on issues such as “masking” which is a practice that allows CDL holder convictions to go unreported, plea-bargaining, and equity in enforcement.  The project’s website supporting the courts is the Commercial Driving Resource Center.

As part of its work, the project also hosts and supports the CDL Data Exchange Working Group.  In March, 2015 the group posted and requested comment, ending on April 30, 2015, on a working draft of the Court2SDLA Disposition Reporting Service Specification.  The download link for a zip file copy of this NIEM/XML based specification is available for download here.

And in support of the draft specification, the NCSC conducted (and recorded) a webinar with Working Group members to provide an overview of the Court2SDLA SSP.  It is available for playback as an Internet video stream here.

“The NCSC also would like to extend its appreciation to members of the Working Group for their continuing help with the project. In particular, NCSC thanks Working Group state teams from Iowa, Nebraska, and Nevada who shared their expertise with NCSC's GRA-NIEM contractor, Aaron Gorrell. Working Group Members and their respective organizations are listed under States.”

Last, there are many other webinars from the CDL Resource Center that are available online at: 

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