Friday, December 12, 2014

A Recommended E-Courts 2014 Session

Having just returned home from the excellent E-Courts 2014 conference, I would like to recommend a particular session on digital preservation.


As all of you who have been able to attend, E-Courts conferences are both educational and fun.  And it was great to see all my friends in Las Vegas this year.

Since the NCSC was able to stream many educational sessions on the Internet, they were also recorded.  So I would like to recommend that those who were not able to attend, to take time in the near future to view the “Meeting the Challenge of Long-Term Digital Preservation” session.

Hosted by our colleague, Nial Raaen; our very good and long-time friend, Arizona State Court Administrative Director, Dave Byers started the session by reviewing the findings of the 2011 COSCA survey and the state of record retention policies in the courts.

Following Dave was Lori Ashley who is a Wisconsin-based record and information management consultant.  She provided many excellent observations, findings, and tips on how courts could begin to plan for action to meet this important fiduciary responsibility in the digital age.

Links to the session materials and the "Vimeo" video recording are available online via the links here.

Again, highly recommended.

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