Friday, October 17, 2014

Cloud Based Adobe Connect Integration with EchoSign

Courts looking for a combined video and electronic signature solution for warrants and similar communications can now look to Adobe for a possible solution.


Way back in 2009 we noted that the Virginia courts had been using an integrated videoconferencing / electronic signature solution working together with Polycom (now owned by Cisco).  And that it worked so well that the legislature had made use of it mandatory in the District Courts.

Fast forward to 2014, and as with most things technology, dedicated systems (like video conferencing) have been integrated into the base system.  For example, how many of you have a digital camera that can create both still and video images built into your laptop, tablet or smartphone?  I would guess that many of you do.

That fact plays into Adobe’s announcement earlier this week regarding the integration of their electronic signature system, EchoSign with their web conferencing offering, Adobe Connect.   They note in their blog post:
“Another great example is in law enforcement, where agencies want to cut back the time to execute police warrants.  The integration revolutionizes this process, enabling a judge to visually swear in a police officer, sign the required documentation, and have a recorded audit trail of the event, reducing a process that is normally 4 to 12 hours, to as little as 10 to 15 minutes.”
In addition Adobe Connect allows for the recording of the communication between officer and judge. Thus there is an electronic video record of the transaction along with the independent service (EchoSign) recording of the date and time that the warrant was signed.

This is basically what Virginia did in their earlier project.  But now it will be increasingly easier for courts and law enforcement to implement and connect using these kind of “cloud services”.


And to end the week, my colleague Ms. Di Graski sends this satirical look at technology marketing for your enjoyment:

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