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E-Filing, E-Service News and More – July, 2014

Thanks to the LinkedIn e-Filing/e-Service of Court Documents group we learned about some new activities in this area.

Massachusetts Appellate Courts Have E-Filing Plans

Via press release, July 21, 2014 - Relational Semantics Inc. (RSI) announced that they are “working closely with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court to ready their IT systems for the state’s upcoming e-filing pilot program. The new e-filing service, to be called “eFileMA”, will enable attorneys, state agencies, and self-represented litigants to file court cases and legal documents through a web portal.”

“RSI is providing the Forecourt ECF Adapter solution that will seamlessly integrate the new e-filing web portal with the Appellate Court’s critical business systems. The ECF Adapter will process data and documents coming from the web portal and then automatically update case records in the Forecourt CMS as well as routing case documents into the Court’s electronic document management system.

The ECF Adapter is compliant with ECF 4.0, an open industry standard for conducting transactions between the multiple components of an end-to-end e-filing infrastructure. RSI’s Forecourt ECF Adapter is a vendor-neutral solution that can be used in combination with any ECF-compliant e-filing component or CMS.”

For the full press release click here.

Florida E-Service Change Questioned

Via “The Florida Bar News”, July 15, 2014

“A software upgrade on June 20 changed the ways parties are selected for the electronic service system, which is part of the portal when a document is filed.

Before the change, lawyers involved in a case could add parties for the e-service list. Everyone on the list automatically received an emailed copy of the filed document, unless the filing attorney (or the attorney’s staff performing the filing) went through the list to check off parties that would be omitted from getting the document.

Under the new system, automatic service is over. Attorneys must perform an extra step of checking a box that they want all parties served or go through the list and check which parties they want copied with the filed document — similar to what they did with paper filings. (Using the electronic service system is still voluntary and lawyers can continue to serve via email or regular mail.)

Officials for the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority, which oversees the portal and approved the software change, say the change mitigates the problem of attorneys and parties who only have a brief involvement in a case from being copied with all filings until the case is over if they can’t get removed from the service list. There’s only a slight increase in work for filing attorneys, they say.”

For the full article click here.

Virginia Federal Court Approves Service by Social Media

From “The National Law Review” on June 16, 2014 that “(t)he Alexandria U.S. District Court, however, has recently approved of legal service of a Complaint by Facebook, LinkedIn and Email. The holding was limited but precedential nonetheless.”

“In the Whoshere case, the plaintiff attempted to serve the defendant, who resided in Turkey, through the Turkey Ministry of Justice pursuant to the Hague Convention but the Ministry returned the service because the defendant could not be found at the address provided. The plaintiff then filed a motion requesting that it be allowed to serve the Complaint through email and social networking pursuant to Rule 4(f)(3). The Court not only approved the request but explained that the catch all of Rule 4(f)(3) is neither a last resort, nor extraordinary relief.”

For the full article with links to the case reference information click here.

Digital Document “Stamping” Service

Finally we learned about NexStampUK that provides a document registration service with the option to imprint a visible 2-bar code that “embeds verifiable evidence of a document’s integrity into each page of a document” with their “Digital Stamping Technology (DST)”.

Check it out at:

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