Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Social Media and the Courts Survey - 2014

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Via Press Release - Five years ago, the Conference of Court Public Information Officers (CCPIO) conducted the first national survey on how changes in the media are affecting the courts. Where are the courts now in 2014? This is your chance to help us find out.


Please take a just a few minutes to complete this simple survey. It takes less than 10 minutes. You can contribute to this important research by taking a moment to participate by clicking here.

In partnership with the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and the National Center for State Courts, the Conference of Court Public Information Officers is seeking the input of state judicial system court professionals across the country to compare, contrast and examine new media and the courts. We are seeking responses from everyone in the courts community, including those of you who filled out the survey last year.

There will be no tracking or monitoring to relate responses to specific individuals. All demographic information will be collected as aggregate data only. The results of the survey will be posted at in conjunction with the New Media Project final report due in early August.

The close date for this survey is by close of business on Friday, June 13.

For more information about the research, click here.

Thank you for valuable time. We look forward to your participation.

Karen Salaz
CCPIO Immediate Past President
District Administrator
19th Judicial District, Colorado

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