Thursday, May 15, 2014

Philippines Judge Notes Court Automation Benefits

From the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative we learn about Judge Maria Filomena Singh of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court’s automation efforts.


An article posted on the ABA Rule of Law Initiative website we learn of Judge’s Singh’s work in implementing automated court case management systems in her court.  She notes in the article:

“According to Judge Singh, eCourt has, since its May 2013 rollout, “converted virtually all the basic court functions” by automating previously manual, time-consuming tasks that fell to administrative staff and contributed to case backlog.  Now, judges and courts are assigned cases automatically, and the system is constantly updated to reflect new motions, hearings or decisions.  This information can be accessed in real-time by judges and by court administrators, allowing them to assess the workload and performance of each court.  It is in this sense that eCourt has the promise “to be an effective court, not just case, management system,” says Judge Singh, as administrators and supervising judges can use the data to allocate limited resources to overloaded courts and to improve underperforming ones.”
We also learned that:
"In February 2014, Judge Singh was part of an ABA ROLI study tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a high-level delegation of Philippine jurists toured the country’s recently automated courts. There, the group met with top representatives from the judiciary, who shared their experiences with the automation process and their observations of court operations since automation. Judge Singh credits the trip with revealing the wider potential of the eCourt, which she stresses will serve “most importantly as an access to justice tool that will ensure transparency and accountability, optimum court efficiency through regular performance monitoring and assessment, and eliminate all opportunities for corrupt practices.”
Congratulations to Judge Singh and all involved.

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