Friday, February 7, 2014

This and That in Court Tech – February, 2014

Time for another edition of “This and That”.  In this post we note conference and training news, an important open source software release, and a computer maintenance program to keep you and your machine working.


E-Courts Conference News

First of all, the E-Courts 2014 conference has a new logo as you can see to the right (on the non-mobile version of the CTB).  It was high time that the “paper clip” (just like Microsoft’s) was retired.

The new website also contains the draft agenda layout so you can generally see how it is going to be presented this year.

And don’t forget that registering early will allow you to get the “Bonus Play” rate that is a savings of $250 from the onsite price.

IJIS Institute Mid-Year Briefing

For those of you who might crave a Louisiana Gumbo meal this coming summer, the IJIS Institute has announced that their Mid-Year Briefing will be held from August 7-8, 2014 at the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center.  Watch the IJIS Institute’s website for details.

IJIS Institute is also hosting a Workshop on Information Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3), March 27, 2014:
The WIS3 will be an engaging and relevant forum for thought leaders and technology experts to delve into the most critical information safeguarding and sharing issues. WIS3 will hold panels and sessions that will address a wide range of issues that pertain to information sharing and safeguarding challenges. To register, visit:
Online Court Records Receives Legislative Attention

Our sister blog, Gavel to Gavel notes recent Wisconsin legislative action to remove dismissal/not guilty/overturned case records from their online statewide CMS.

Initial OASIS Legal Citation Markup Meeting Set

The first meeting of the OASIS Legal Citation Markup (LegalCiteM) Technical Committee will be held via teleconference on February 12, 2014. A chair or two co-chairs will be elected at this meeting.
“The LegalCiteM TC develops an open standard for machine-readable tagging of legal citations based upon a formalized conceptual model, vocabulary, metadata definitions, and prescribed syntax. The goal of the standard is to support rich tagging of citations while leaving the visible text of the citation undisturbed. The markup is intended to work for a broad variety of legal content types — including court cases, legislation, regulations, parliamentary documents, and legal treatises. It supports citations as used in different countries and jurisdictions, and allows other metadata to be associated with citations for purposes beyond just linking. The TC also defines use cases, overviews, sample data sets, and such other non-normative content to help guide implementers and users in adopting the standard.”
Click here to visit the public page for the TC.

LibreOffice 4.2 Released

Because courts use a lot of forms and document templates in their case management systems, my friends and I have experimenting with the use of LibreOffice and the open standards XML-based ODF format in our recent systems development.  The main issue we are trying to overcome is future compatibility by using the ODF standard in the templates so that courts don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” every time a new version of a word processing program is released.  That said, the new version reports to have better compatibility with Microsoft Word DOCX format has been released.  The official announcement web page can be viewed by clicking here.

Government Computer News Notes Michigan Video Conferencing

In a nice article on the GCN website, the use of video conferencing by the Michigan Courts and Corrections Department is noted.  Congratulations!  Click here to read the article.

A Routine Maintenance Guide to your Computer

And last, the Windows Secrets website has posted an excellent article on keeping your computer healthy.  And while this is aimed at PC (meaning Windows) users, the same can be said and done for Mac’s and Linux as well.  Just like an automobile, if you take care of your machine, it will take care of you.  And I can attest to the effectiveness of this approach.  The guide can be viewed at:

Highly recommended.

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