Friday, October 25, 2013

This and That in Court Technology – October, 2013

We have a few things that have come to our attention this month that we want to share.


NIEM 3.0 Release Candidate 2

On October 15, 2013 we received notice from NIEM that the Release Candidate 2, which is the final version of the 3.0 standard before the operational release is announced.

Click here if you want to download the 5.6 Mb ZIP file.

Justice That Works: The New York City Midtown Community Court

There is a terrific 10 minute YouTube video presentation that was linked from the Center for Court Innovation’s 20th Anniversary celebration page.  The video is well worth the time to view as it summarizes the courts approach and results.  Congratulations to all involved.

Mobile Court in Pakistan

NBC World News posted an article with pictures showing a new Mobile Court that was created by the courts in Pakistan with the support of the United Nations Development Program.  The Chief Justice of the province, Mohammad Khan shared that the purpose of the court was to overcome “people’s inability to bring their disputes to “brick-and-mortar” courts.  Another goal “was to reach ‘out of court settlements’ for minor disputes’.

The article also stated that “similar mobile courts are already running in India and Bangladesh”.

Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia Plans to Blog

In an article in at “” we learned that the State of Victoria Supreme Court “has a plan to keep the public informed of judicial goings on, by revamping its website and hiring a retired judge to blog the courts’ proceedings”.

In a presentation Chief Justice Marilyn Warren noted that “With the rise of new media technologies the traditional methods of guaranteeing open justice for the community are rapidly changing. Open justice now increasingly means the ability of the community to access information about the courts is through the internet and social media.”

She also “predicted that the public would “lose some, if not eventually all of, the expertise of dedicated newspaper court reporters”, saying that the ABC had only one court reporter at the supreme court since the beginning of 2012. “There are now very limited numbers of specialist legal affairs reporters.”

Click here to go to the full article. 

Demo 2013 Product Ideas

We learned from an “InfoWorld” slideshow that highlighted some products shown at the Demo 2013 Conference earlier this month looking for funding.  Some possible products that courts could use (if they come to fruition) are:

1. aptiQmobile: Replacing ID cards with smartphones.   This service leverages new mobile phone “Near Field Communications” capability and stores ID information in a cloud that can be used say for building access or program participant or even juror check-in.

2. ArgoPay: Mobile payment solution.  This is a “no-fee” payment processing solution that avoids transaction fees for the merchant (in our instance, the court).  They make their money via customer rewards program.  Think of it, the more court E-filing you do the more points you get!

3. SignToLogin.  For my court friends who are starting to feel dispossessed by not having to sign court documents in new systems, you may be able to use your mouse or touch-controlled screen signature to replace your passwords. (click on the flag of Great Britain to see the English version of the website)

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