Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CTC-2013 Highlights

We share our highlights from CTC-2013 held last week in Baltimore, Maryland in this week’s post.


First, for those of you who might have wondered what the heck Jim McMillan was referring to in his comment following the announcement of the scholarship fund, here is a link to the Wikipedia article on the Hotdog HTML editor that was released in 1995.  And click here to see what the user interface looked like.

As for highlights of CTC, since it such a big conference, I polled my colleagues here at the Center to see what they liked.  This is what they sent:

1.  "A better understanding of the language access problem across the United States from metropolitan courts to rural courts and the need for improved means of dealing with the problem."

2. "A couple of sessions in the self-represented litigant (SRL) track underlined clearly for the key players how dramatically and in what ways self help websites would need to change to adequately support SRLs in the future."


3. Two of our colleagues liked the Midnote Presentation:

"The Midnote presentation laid out very clearly the customer service strategy that courts will have to successfully implement if they want adequate funding in the future."

"The Midnote presentation about how to get funding for projects was my highlight.  The coolest ideas are dead in the water if they aren't supported by a strong message."

To watch the presentation video online go to:

4. "The new approach to IT governance has changed from hierarchical to matrixed."


5. "Judicial E-Bench systems go back to the Midtown Community Court, that was later seen by the Iowa Judicial Branch that precipitated work on their electronic judicial interface beginning in the mid-90’s."  Conference speaker Richard Zorza shared his thoughts on the 20th anniversary of the Midtown project on his blog at:


6. The Endnote conference wrap-up presented by David Slayton, Texas State Court Administrator and Craig Burlingame, CITOC President and Massachusetts Court CIO.

Endnote video is available at:

7. On a very light note, a funny video commercial on paperless-ness was shared -

And last, we need all of our conference attendees to share their thoughts via the online evaluations questionnaire that is posted at:

What was your highlight?  Please feel free to share by making a comment below.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing events details with us. wish i could attend this event :(