Thursday, August 1, 2013

North Carolina Announces CIO Position

The NC Administrative Office of the Courts seeks a business focused technology leader to develop and implement the next generation of court technology, while optimizing the current technology portfolio to prepare for future changes.


NCAOC provides services to over 6,000 judicial officials and staff members in the state’s unified court system, disposing of more than three million cases annually in over 100 courthouse locations; the Technical Services Division includes approximately 200 central and field
personnel. Key two-year business outcomes sought will include preparing for the rapid expansion of “e-court” paperless and paper-on-demand technologies by:

  • improving our capabiity maturity in development, operations, and vendor management; 
  • advocating and strengthening enterprise-wide strategic governance in the judicial branch to guide the change; and 
  • supporting investment in new technologies by optimizing the current cost and complexity of the legacy portfolio and architecture. 

Click here for the complete announcement.

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