Friday, July 5, 2013

Avoiding the Zimmerman Trial Skype Problem

The high profile trial of defendant George Zimmerman in the Florida State Courts had an embarrassing moment with Skype video conferencing on July 3, 2013. There is a way to keep that from happening.


As CBS News and many others reported (includes embedded video):

“Proceedings in the George Zimmerman murder trial were interrupted Wednesday morning when a witness testifying over Skype began receiving repeated incoming calls, forcing attorneys to switch from the video conferencing system to speaker phone.”

Now Skype is fine technology and by applying the following settings this “embarrassment” could have been prevented.  Go to:

Skype menu: Tools | Options | Privacy, check off "Only allow people in my Contact List to contact me" and set the status to DND (it will still handle a call initiated by the other party).

That’s it.  There is no need to eliminate potential use of the technology when a few simple settings can solve the problem.

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