Friday, May 31, 2013

This and That Notes in Court Technology - End of May, 2013 Edition

News from CTC-2013, Florida, Bell Labs, NASCIO, Ars Technica, and Ohio…


CTC-2013 Show Floor Online

It is never too early to begin planning your visit to the CTC-2013 vendor exhibition. We have the full show floor layout available online to see which vendors are participating and where they will be in Baltimore.  Click here to visit the interactive web page.

Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Announces Mobile Enabled Website

We learned from The Miami Herald about Clerk Harvey Ruvin's announcement that they have converted their website to allow for easy use by all manner of mobile devices.   This is known technically known as “responsive web design”.  For more click here.

400 Gbps Fiber Connection?

From the world of the future…Network World published an article about a Bell Lab’s research test that sent and received information at 400 Gigabits per second over a 12,800 kilometer (more than 7,900 miles) of fiber optic cable.  What could you do with a network connection that fast?  A lot… quickly.

Scary Article on Password Insecurity

The Ars Technica website has a very scary article about how easy it is to break passwords these days.  Click here to read, but it is recommended not to do so right before bedtime.

NASIO Launches State Mobile Apps Catalog

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) announced their new State Mobile Apps compendium website at their recent mid-year conference.  The website catalogs over 160 mobile apps that have been developed by state government throughout the country.  To see the web catalog click here.

60 Years Adopting Technology

And last, thanks to our good friends Anne Skove and Court News Ohio, we learned about Ms. Rosemary Marie Latimer who started as a legal secretary in 1953 and her conversion to computer technology after her electric typewriter broke.  The article noted that when she received her computer ““I was afraid of it at first, and then I plunged in and loved it!”  Congratulations Ms. Latimer on the recognition by Court News Ohio.

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