Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Discovery, Big Evidence?

Some interesting articles arrived this week.


This week we have seen several interesting articles regarding big e-discovery and legal data.  First, just to show that this new reality is surfacing in the general technology world, eWeek published one of their online “slide shows” that presents some of the advantages of using “cloud” systems for e-Discovery. So if there is e-Discovery in “the cloud” that we can easily project will turn into “e-Evidence” very soon.  

Another news item that came through was this press release from IBM regarding future uses of their Watson supercomputer technology.  Number 1 on the list: e-Discovery.

And last, an excellent ABA Journal article “How lawyers are mining the information mother lode for pricing, practice tips and predictions” shows how big data is having an impact on the practice of law.

E-filing single documents?  Yes, it is real; but we court technologists had better start thinking bigger, much bigger.

So how are any of you dealing with this now?


  1. Judge David Harvey shared this post noting that there are three conferences on e-Discovery coming up later this year:

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