Thursday, June 7, 2012

Court Case Management 2012

Some of my colleagues and I are planning on writing a series of articles on Court Case Management Systems over the next year (or two).


Our current outline looks like this:

Introduction – About change?
Does your CMS help you do your work?
Organization, users, and roles
Groups and relationships
Events, tasks and workflow
Charges and compliance tracking
Calendars and scheduling
Documents – they are the database
E-Filing and data sharing and the CMS
Security and verification
Public access and interface options
Financials – case related requirements
Financials – public requirements
Reports and statistics (they aren’t the same)
Dashboards  and decision support
Other user interface needs and options
Comments on project management, acquisition, and development
Conclusion – what’s next?

But don’t hold us to this outline as this is a huge subject and we reserve the right to add sections and break it down further.

So what is missing that you think should be in our discussion?  Your ideas and comments can be written (yes, anonymously) below or you can E-mail me at


  1. - Unbundling and pro se self management of legal process workflows.

    - audit-ability of courts for fairness, justice, efficiency and neutrality

    - standardized forms, standardized workflows - checklists and capturing heuristics

  2. System training