Thursday, May 24, 2012

More This and That in Court Tech - May 2012

We have more court technology news to share for the month of May, 2012.  Notes include a radio interview for a CMS upgrade in Ohio, a Washington state courts report, podcasts from the Center for Court Innovation, NIEM Technical Training course announcement, and the LexUM Decisia cloud service.

Scioto County, Ohio Upgrades CMS

We rarely see radio media coverage of any type of CMS project. County Clerk Lisa White is interviewed on WNKU radio about their CMS upgrade.

Thanks Anne for this note.

Washington Superior Court CMS Options Explored

In a report prepared by MTG Consulting, various options for Superior (Trial) Court case management are explored for the State of Washington courts.
This study looks into potential benefits, costs, and risks associated with the implementation of the Superior Court Case Management System (SC-CMS) in all 32 superior court districts in the state.  This application will meet the business needs of the superior courts for calendaring and for case flow management functions, along with participant/party information tracking, case records, and relevant disposition services functions in support of judicial decision-making, scheduling, and case management. 
LexUM Announces New Cloud-Based Decision Access System

Our very good friends at LexUM recently announced Decisia, an internet "cloud" based service that can provide fast and efficient access to court decisions.  The system can be used in conjunction with a court's existing website by extending search and navigation, content management, and other features such as improved security and up-time and many other features.

Thanks to Rob Richards at Legal Informatics Blog for this!

Center for Court Innovation Podcasts

Our good friends at the Center for Court Innovation create and post a number of interesting podcast at their website:
Of particular interest to court technologists are:

NIEM Technical Training Course - June 12-14, 2012

The IJIS Institute  has announced their latest NIEM Technical Training Course to be held in Ashburn, Virgina.  "This 3-day NIEM Technical Training curriculum is designed for developers and practitioners in the field to provide the information needed to enable them to build applications using NIEM and use it effectively." The registration and course information web page is linked here.