Thursday, March 29, 2012

CITOC Offers Member Webinars

The Court Information Technology Officer Consortium(CITOC) Education Sub-Committee will be offering a series of webinars for its members.  The announcement is shown below.

The Court Information Technology Officer Consortium (CITOC) Education Sub-Committee is pleased to announce a new service to CITOC members. Roughly every other month CITOC, in partnership with the NationalCenter for State Courts, will host a webinar on a topic prioritized by the CITOC membership.

Our first hour long webinar will be Friday, April 6th at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST, and will be hosted by Heather Pettit – the Chief Technology Officer for the Superior Court of California, Sacramento County. The topic will be:

Project Management: A lost art in the courts. 
Project management generally means something different in government than it does in other business sectors. Statistics reflect that only 30 percent of government projects are successful.  How can government overcome these failures? Take a look at how the Sacramento Superior Court went from a dismal project completion rate of 10 to 15 projects per year to an impressive 30 to 35 projects per year. Discuss how planning, teamwork and collaboration are keys to finding a successful project portfolio.

As CITOC membership is organizational and not individual, you are allowed to invite anyone in your Court to participate in this webinar. Please encourage technical and non-technical staff to attend, as the content is applicable to both. A variation of this presentation was given at the Court Technology Conference in Long Beach last October and was well received.  

In the upcoming months we’ll be bring panels together to discuss:
- Current realities, opportunities and challenges with Bulk Data.
- Public Access strategies and practice
- Email (and other things) in the Cloud
- Stay tuned for more news!

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