Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glass World

Today all of us techies here at the NCSC were marveling at this video posted by Corning Glass titled "A Day Made of Glass" that shows various scenarios how glass displays are used now (photovoltaic and handheld display glass) and will be used in the future.

Of particular interest to judges and court staff will be:

  • Interactive glass displays (think wall size iPad/iPod)
  • Glass video screens.  Some examples are transparent so that the person appears lifesize 
  • Interactive surface technology (see the CTC-11 article on a court application)
  • Flexible display glass (are scrolls coming back?)

This reminds me of videos 15-20 years ago by Microsoft and Apple that seemed almost unimaginable at the time but are real today (Siri has a certainly more pleasant voice than the "grad student" in the Apple video).

In other words, the future isn't that far away.


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