Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There's an App for That Court

1st Judicial District of
PA Android QR code
Courts are now making their information "smart phone" accessible.

First, from The Pennsylvania Record legal journal (www.pennrecord.com) in an article from October 14, 2011:

"Are you an attorney looking for easier access to upcoming civil trial dates? How about simply a member of the general public looking to learn more about the judicial system in the City of Philadelphia?

Well, the answers to those questions may have just become much easier, thanks to the smartphone App just rolled out by the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, which is the court system for the City and County of Philadelphia.

Last week, court officials announced via their website the unveiling of the new App available for the iPhone and Android-powered smartphones."

The court's mobile website with screen shots from the applications can be seen at: http://www.courts.phila.gov/mobile/

Second, the US Federal Courts Mobile PACER Case Locator has been released. In an October, 2011 edition of The Third Branch newsletter the article stated:

"The most widely used feature of the federal Judiciary’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records 
(PACER) service has gone mobile.

A version of the PACER Case Locator, a national index for all federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts was launched for mobile devices in September 2011.

Users with supported mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android devices version 2.2 and higher will be redirected automatically to the Mobile PACER Case Locator when they visit www.pcl.uscourts.gov to search for court records. The mobile web version also can be accessed directly by visiting www.pcl.uscourts.gov/searchmobile.

PACER accounts allow users to obtain case and docket information from federal courts without having to visit a courthouse. The Case Locator can tell users who have partial information—a party’s name, a company name, or perhaps a case number—where in the federal court system that litigation may exist.

“The world is constantly becoming more mobile, and the Mobile PACER Case Locator is an important development in our efforts to enhance public accessibility to federal court records,” said Michel Ishakian, chief of the Administrative Office’s Public Access and Records Management Division. “This should be a great benefit to attorneys and others who may need information in a hurry.”"


  1. The site http://www.docketalarm.com is also mobile friendly and provides a lot of this functionality, including docket updates for federal litigation and the I.T.C.

  2. Courtplus.org is a mobile web application used to access Charleston County Clerk of Court records and information from a smartphone or any other internet connected device. Although similar in functionality to smartphone apps that are downloaded to iPhones or Android devices, users do not have to download anything to their phone in order to use a web app. Charleston County Circuit and Family Court records and case information can be accessed using Court Plus. Registered Court Plus users can create a list of favorite cases and choose to receive notifications of new filings or scheduled court hearings.