Thursday, October 20, 2011

This and That - October, 2011


The conference was a great success again this year.  For education session presentations and articles go to: and then click on the session name.

Registration Still Open for Privacy and Public Access Conference

Our partner, the Center for Legal and Court Technology has openings for the 8th Conference on Privacy and Public Access to Court Records to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia from November 3-4, 2011.  For more see the conference website at:

Colorado State Judge O. John Kuenhold Retires

One of our judicial E-filing pioneers has retired (but was still at CTC-2011).  His local newspaper, The Valley Courier, noted in an article about his retirement:

“Kuenhold has seen changes in the 12th District court system. From 1981 to today it has become very challenging to manage my time to get it all done,” he said." 
“The volume of cases has doubled. Not only has the number of cases increased, but the number of papers filed in each case has also multiplied."
“Case files used to have a few pages of paper,” he said. “Now they have 50 pieces or more.”

I think we all sensed that this trend was occurring.  It is good that a judge "on the front line" reports on the impact from experience.

New Version of URN:Lex Released

Development of the URN:Lex standard, version zero point 4, is continuing under the auspices of the IETF.  The purpose of the standard is to create a unique permanent identifier for legal documents.  I recommend that courts look to this for all documents received and created in order to deal with verification and future access/archival issues. See an earlier CTB article for more background on this.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court "Tweets" Rulings Announcements

News Release, October 18, 2011:

"The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has established a new Twitter feed to increase online ease and access to its rulings."

"The specially designated site will provide instant notification of the online posting of most Supreme Court information, such as orders, new rules, opinions and concurring and dissenting statements written by the justices. Anyone can sign-up to receive alerts from the Court’s Twitter page, which can be accessed at “Follow Us On Twitter” links also will appear on the state court system’s Web site to take interested parties directly to the page."

Electronic Signature Conference Upcoming

The Electronic Signature and Records Association Conference is scheduled to be held in Washington, DC from November 9-10, 2011.  For more see the association's website at:

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