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2011 Court Automation Fees and Revenue Compilation
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2009 Court E-Filing Survey Results
2019 State Court E-Filing Project and Status List
COSCA/NACM Joint Technology Committee
Court Specific Standards
National Standards
Court Technology Information Resources
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LegalXML Electronic Court Filing
NIEM Wayfarer
GJXDM Wayfarer
Global Justice Working Groups
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Articles in the Court Technology Bulletin CCMS Series

Part 1: It's About Change
Part 2: Does it help you do your work?
Part 3: The Court Organization, Users, and Roles
Part 4: Relationships and Groups
Part 5: System Configurability and Adaptability
Part 6: Tasks, Events, and Workflow
Part 7: Criminal Charges and Data Sharing
Part 8: Criminal Case Sentencing and Consequences
Part 9A: Scheduling and Calendaring
Part 9B: Scheduling and Calendaring
Part 10: Documents
Part 11: The Impact of E-Filing
Part 12: Systems Security
Part 13: Public Access Capability and Interface Options
Part 14: Financials - Case Related Requirements
Part 15: Financials - Public Requirements
Part 16: Reports and Statistics
Part 17: Dashboards 
Case Management Events and Decision Mapping
Part 18: Decision Support
Part 20: User (UI) and More
Comments on project management, acquisition, and development
Conclusion - what's next?